Benefits of satellite property view

Benefits of satellite property view

Have you ever wondered what is the aerial view of property and how to use it? Start benefiting from satellite views of property now.

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Benefits of aerial view of the land

Several decades ago, we could see such usage of satellites only in movies. Usually, only special units in these movies had access to such aerial view of property. But it was decades ago, now anyone might benefit from satellite views of property. As you know, with such programs as Google Earth and even Google Maps, anyone could access the satellite map and see what they want to view.

But these are just basic programs, today, the developers might offer a lot more than that. When you view something on Google Maps, there is no guarantee that the information is accurate. But there are tons of modern satellite property view apps and websites where you can find information about the land you own.

The very first thought that might come into your mind is that such a satellite view of property sites offer information about the land, where are the borders, etc. But that’s not everything. You could benefit a lot from such sites, and below you will find several ways.

How the satellite images might be used

If you are building a structure near your house, even if it’s a fence, you must be very accurate. If you are not sure where your land begins and ends, you might get into trouble. No one wants to get a lawsuit from their neighbor. So you need to make sure you are building within the borders of your property.

If you lost the property deed, can’t find it, and the land survey is lost too, you could benefit from the property view from satellite. The only thing you need to do is to access the open-source map and enter the address of your street and house. You will see the borders of your property, as well as the lines of the street, neighbor’s land, etc.

After this short research, you can start building as long as you won’t get over the borders of your property. Such information is extremely helpful in neighbors’ disputes over land when the neighbor accidentally or on purpose has built something within the borders of your property. Below you can find some other ways of benefiting from satellite property maps.

Keep track of the current land market

If your business or job is related to the real estate business, then you could see property from satellite. Why do you need that? To be aware of new buildings in some specific areas. It is not news that the land grows in price depending on the surroundings. If you have the land somewhere and you are willing to sell it, it is a lot wiser to wait for a little.

If near the land that you own are only woods and no infrastructure, it won’t cost a lot. But if you keep track of what is building near, by using satellite maps, you could have a chance to sell your land for a much better price than you would expect.

You don’t even need the pictures, such maps show who bought the land near and for what purposes. If you see that someone plans to build shopping centers, cinemas, etc., it will mean that your land might rise in price. People prefer living in developed areas.

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Be aware of building trends

If you are working in the real estate business, you might benefit from being able to see the progress of different blocks. You could use the satellite images of property you own to show it to your clients. That way it will be easier to show the property without visiting it, and you will be able to prove that certain areas are developing.

With such information, you can keep track of how certain blocks develop and whether you need to buy property in those areas. Eventually, you might buy land for a lower price, and it could rise in price in the future. So it’s important to keep track of building trends to benefit from them.

Track the news

By using satellite maps, you could see whether the property is damaged. Or whether it is developing or the building seems to be slowing down. The information is usually up to date, so you will have nearly real-time data. That way you could be in some places even without visiting them.

How to find an image of your home

You could type in the search engine this request “satellite view of my property” to find some websites that allow that. Or you could visit the website of the local county assessor. Such information is usually at public disposal so you won’t need any warranties or special documents to view your property. The image might be a little bit blurry, but you could find some useful details instead of images.

Use the satellite property search engine presented on the website, type in your address, sometimes it requires to type in the zip code of your city as well. The results of the search will show your property. If you want more quality images of the land, you could use some other programs that are more focused on showing images than information about the property.

You could even look at property from satellite by using Google Maps and Google Earth. It depends on what you need. The two programs mentioned previously won’t show the details of property lines, so you won’t benefit if you are related to the real estate business. But if you only need images, that would be a good idea to use these apps.


Modern technologies open all doors in front of users. You just need to know how to use the available tools and benefit from using them. The property view from satellite gives a lot of opportunities to different people. You could even sell the property at a higher price while you bought it at a lower cost.

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